Is there a way to see history of my account?

Yes, you can always see your balance history, steam trades history and withdrawals history. Therefore, as you can imagine, the history part is divided to three.

Firstly, there is ‘Balance Change’ tab. This section shows the changes of your history, including everything you have gotten as a plus or minus to your balance. For example, if you think that your balance is lower than you have expected, you can check this section and see where you have spent your money.

Next to ‘Balance Change’, there is ‘Refills’ tab. This section shows your deposit and withdrawal history. You can see all of your past deposit and withdrawals here.

And next to ‘Refills’ tab, there is ‘Steam Trades’ tab. This section shows all of the Steam items (CS:GO / DOTA 2) you have sold or bought before. You can also see which ones were completed and which ones were not.

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