How to buy on Waxpeer

To buy at once, just search for the item and press ‘buy now’. You will receive a trade offer with the item you have bought in 5 minutes, and yes, it is that easy. Every item in our marketplace is instantly tradeable.

If you want to buy multiple items at once, press the card button next to ‘buy now’ button so they get added to your cart. Once you are done with choosing items, you can go to the cart section and purchase all of the selected items at once.

If you do not have time to chase a good offer, but you want it anyway, you can set a buy order for that item. For example, you can put a $100 buy order for a $150 item, and if someone sells for $100, you will get the item instantly. You should be online to be able to accept it, though.

After clicking the item’s picture, you will get to the items inner page. This is where you place your buy order.

After that, you can follow your buy orders via ‘Buy Orders’ page.

The best part is, you are not affected by the 7-day tradeban while buying skins, you can just purchase and get a trade offer with your skin within 5 minutes!

If you do not receive a trade offer for the skin you have bought at the end of the interval, you will be refunded. You can track these via either the delivery page or the internal page that pops up after purchasing.

Please keep in mind that all sale prices are put by the users who are listing them, so the prices can change. The amount with ‘$’ icon is the sale price and the amount with Steam icon is the suggested price. For example, an item worth $100 can be sold for $60 and $120 at the same time by different users, it is your decision to pick which one to buy!

Following screenshoots show the price differences. Green marked one is the suggested price and red marked one is the selling price, put by seller. The ‘-%xx’ shows the discount of the sale.

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