How to sell on Waxpeer

Selling is easy, yet there are a few things that must be set in order to be able to sell

Firstly, you must save your trade link and your Steam API key in ‘Steam Account’ section of your Waxpeer user profile.

Then, you must download either our extension or application, so that we can automate the trades.

Once either extension or application is ready to be used, it will look like one of the pictures shown. (If your extension has the status ‘Please log in to Steam’, this means you must be logged in to Steam on both and on your browser).

Once your ‘P2P Status’ is online (green), you can begin selling by choosing a skin, putting a price for it and listing it.

While putting the price for your listing, you can use the upper buttons to easily put a good price that suits you.

They will appear on ‘Sell Orders’ tab. You can use the ‘Sell Orders’ tab to edit, remove, control and track your sales.

The little person icon shows the number of your listing among all other listings and the ‘x’ at the right side removes your listing. To edit the listing, you should press the little pen icon.

Once someone decides to purchase one of your listed items, you will receive a notification on-site. If you wish to, you can as well connect your Discord or/and Telegram to Waxpeer in order to also get notified there apart from website itself.

You are required to confirm the trade that was sent by us via your account once someone purchases your item on sale. The confirmation appears on Steam mobile app, ‘Confirmations’ section. Once you confirm it, the item is sent. As soon as the buyer accepts the trade offer with the item, your Waxpeer account gets credited.

Keep in mind that you can only sell items that are tradeable.

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